Milam Construction 

Company Background

In 1969 at the South Arkansas brine field, John Milam was busy laying five miles of pipe underground for Great Lakes Chemical Corporation. John Milam and six hired hands, along with a backhoe, had successfully completed a contract job and in doing so they started a small company that would constantly grow and prosper and become what is known as Milam Construction Company, Inc.  Today the company has laid hundreds of miles of pipeline, maintained hundreds of miles of right-of-ways, built power plants, and is a
licensed - full service - general and specialty - industrial contractor.

Milam has evolved from a contractor primarily serving South Arkansas to one that meets the needs of regional industry. The company is built on a reputation for exceptional service to its clients and providing top quality mechanical and general construction services. Milam Const.
consistently supports a payroll in excess of 250 employees, and takes pride in the diversity of work performed throughout the entire company..

Milam has established a reputation as a contractor who will perform the unusual and difficult projects on schedule and within budget, while producing the highest levels of workmanship, safety and efficiency.

“The client's needs come first; all else is secondary” is the philosophy that extends throughout the organization, influencing the character of the people of which it employs. Milam has carefully selected only the most experienced and dedicated employees in the construction industry. All the management and supervisory staff typically have over twenty years of industry expertise. Milam enjoys an extraordinary level of repeat business that is directly attributable to the simple premise of caring about what each client's wants, needs, and their success.

Milam is committed to forming a partnership with you to insure a successfully endeavor. This means that Milam takes responsibility for getting your job done right and on time. We deal with the deadlines, the scheduling, and the headaches so you can deal with the most important thing, your business.

When Milam becomes part of your team, we partner with you from the engineering stage to procurement, construction, and through start-up. We welcome your involvement from day one until your project is completed; yet after completion our partnership continues. You can count on Milam Construction Company for support and construction services to insure the success of your projects.


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